Grow Your Business with The Massage App


Manage your profile, promote your brand and get new clients right through the app.

As a massage therapist, growing a steady, or even a thriving private business can take a lot of time, money, and resources. It’s usually built through your client’s word of mouth, social media, and chance connections, etc. The Massage App was made with the intentions to make growing and managing your private business as effortless as possible.

A Therapist profile gives the Therapist complete control over their own schedule. They can decide and set their availability, set custom interval times for when an appointment can be scheduled, set a time limit on how far out an appointment must be set, auto confirm appointments, set Cancelation and no-show fees,etc. Clients can book appointments through the app while also giving the Therapist the options to manually book their own appointments. We give the Therapist exposure to a new market. A Rating and review system will be beneficial to the Therapist and can be used to promote and grow their business. Tracking growth can be used as a visual tool to help a Therapist understand how their business is growing massages/week on date, compared to other date, etc.).


A complete booking system with calendar integration and reminders.

Growing your business can be done however you’d like. If you have clients that aren’t using The Massage App yet, manually input their appointments. If you provide them with your custom link, they can download The Massage App and book with you directly through the app. When you have clients already using The Massage App, they can book with you directly, or if they discover you using our “ Find Therapist” feature they can see your availability and book with you. Set how far out reminders are sent. Helping to reduce any chance of no-show/late appointments, and saving you time from having to confirm your appointments yourself. Have 100% control over your schedule. Set limits on how far out “Last minute appointments” can be booked. Choose intervals between sessions. Set Recurring appointments to save both you and your clients time, and choose between auto confirming appointments. Spend less time checking and confirming appointments, and more time doing them.


Your scheduler, client notes, accounting and so much more all in one easy to use app.


    New clients can book with you directly through The massage App.


    Have control of your booking preferences, scheduling and reminders.


    Have access to important clients information such as their intake forms and SOAP notes.

All Your Tools in One Place

Constantly switching between apps? Set up your integration so that you get all your notifications directly within The Massage App; from bookings to new client requests.